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Default Workflow question with video

I'm a composer working in Pro Tools. Re-conforming when the upstream edit turns over is a bit of a pain: I would like to be able to just change a timecode offset and avoid having to reimport audio and video.

I understand I can do this with Video Slave, except it doesn't support looping (when using MTC/MMC) or tempo changes (when using DAWLink). The Avid ecosystem alternative (running Pro Tools or Media Composer on a separate machine) seems overkill, particularly in terms of license cost, but probably is the most flexible.

The Avid Video Engine already runs in a separate process and, as I understand it, uses the same protocol internally as Video Satellite – ideally there would be a way to interface with it so one could load a video independently of a Pro Tools session. Avid, any thoughts?

Right now, I'm thinking Video Slave is probably the best option... just better not write any tempo changes (as looping is useful!).
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