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Default Re: Pro Tools is very Good BUT

Interesting replies for sure.
PT just makes me nervous - as has been noted its just so dam fragile ( well that's what it feels like). I really don't understand why all the problems I kept having were supposedly the fault of 3rd party plug ins when i just don't get the same issues in Ableton. Maybe the problem being that PT loads them all up at login? So combining that with a subscription model and paying ahead for updates that never fixed these issues just became really irritating. i would add that I had to pay a fair bit for the Ableton license to start with - so that is a measure of my frustration. I get the feeling somewhat that Avid believes that once you are in its too hard to get out and that there is enough that is right with the software to render the other issues somewhat minor. Much like the banks here in OZ although Avid would have some way to go to compete with their level of bastardry.
I used the word amateur to describe my self and by that I meant that recording is not my source of income - BUT I have been at it for 25 years and i am a decent musician and i do record a lot of people in my studio - So i reckon a lot of people are like me? All part of the home recording revolution. Ableton is in many ways easier to use and has some cool features. If Avid is serious about people like me ( and who knows maybe the hi level guys win out here) they could do well to recognise these issues.
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