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Default Re: Elastic audio - remaining questions

1) When do I want to use samples vs ticks?
If you want to audio to move with tempo map changes it should be in ticks - generally if you are doing music you'll want this. Sample based is more for post work flows.

2) When I've totally got the drums tweaked as I like them how can I consolidate them to sort of freeze them in place so I don't have to worry about them getting messed up (without bouncing).
Either consolidate (alt shift 3) or remove the EA plugin and select commit (this is fastest)


3) Should I do the drums in the "rythmic" setting and to warp and change it to "X-form" when I'm done because it sounds better? What about other instruments? Does X-form always sound better?
X-Form can still smear the transients - esp when slowing down. Its also slow to render. I'd say in general rythmic is best for drums.


4) If I'm goin to speed up an entire song would you recommend individual algorythms on each track and then bounce, or using x-form on a two channel mix?
It really depends. I've had some good results using XForm on the stereo mix - but only really for speeding up - slowing down tends to sound less good. Then again if you make further tweaks to single channels you'll have to use X-Form all over again. I'd think its better to keep your options open and not do the stereo mix thing.
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