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Default Re: OSX 10.14 Mojave

Originally Posted by milescoolin71 View Post
Is anyone running PT 12.4 with Mojave? What are your experiences? I would like to upgrade my OS but obviously don't want any surprises. I am already aware that Pro Tools 12.4 is not "officially" supported beyond OSX 10.11.6. I am just curious what people experiences are with Mojave. Thanks in advance.
Do you have any real need to change your installed OSX to a newer version other than the fact you're running the worst OSX Apple ever put out? Remember that Mojave needs a Metal compatible video card - does your Mac have one? Without that the max you can go to is High Sierra.

Either way you go keep in mind you'll want to do a clean install of EVERYTHING and not use Migration Assassin (aka Migration Assistant) to bring things over. Or do the OSX dance the Apple Way aka an in-situ upgrade where you install the new OSX right over the top of the old. That's a no-no as well as too many weird things can crop up.
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