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Default Re: Eleven Rack window responds to changes on Eleven Rack, unable to record.

Thanks for all the help everyone! Much appreciated. And I seem to have my issue solved.

I tried re-installing the Eleven Rack Driver. A new update was just posted yesterday on the Avid site. It worked in having the page in System Preferences show the device was connected. I was also able to record but the playback was full of distortion and interference. The playback wasn't consistent. So then I uninstalled Eleven Rack with the uninstall application and manually uninstalled the .kext file, as Daryl suggested. I then reinstalled the driver again and it seems that everything is working fine. I was able to record my tracks using the various paths available (main out stereo, raw guitar signal using the guitar in channel) and send playback through the Eleven Rack. So now I can hook everything through my monitors and practice, record and listen through the same speakers. It's a nice relief to know that it was simply a driver issue and not a problem with the device itself. I really didn't want to have to send it in to be repaired.

Thanks again for all the help!

An interesting note, after the first time when I re-installed without uninstalling, I tried resetting the system memory on the Eleven Rack. That made the device no longer recognized as connected. So at first it was connected and I could record but with bad sound quality. Then resetting the system memory on the Eleven Rack caused it to no longer be connected. So that's when I uninstalled everything and and re-installed. Not sure why that happened, but that seemed strange to me. I'm really happy to have it working now though.
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