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Default Re: Eleven Rack window responds to changes on Eleven Rack, unable to record.

Originally Posted by necjamc View Post
Caution here. I believe that If you purchased an 11r with the expansion pack installed, you cannot re-burn the firmware. If you load the older pre expansion firmware, you would have to purchase the $99 expansion in order to get the latest firmware back on your machine. Correct me if I'm wrong. But I'm pretty sure there were a couple of threads on this.
Yes that could be annoying. There was definite sloppiness around how the expansion pack was rolled out and the number of silly problems experienced. This another lingering hassle. Its going to be interesting how future upgrades (if any, sigh...) will be done. The ERXP files could just have been dropped in the user accounts for folks who purchase the current Eleven Rack.

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