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Originally Posted by LightWing View Post
Maybe Avid can explain to us why the UVI Soundbanks INCLUDED with PT work just fine across all the environments.

Don't hold your breath waiting tho. :)
That's because the UVI soundbanks are not exclusive to PT but work across all platforms including standalone. The only exclusive to PT is the Avid provided soundbank. Two totally separate animals.

As I said earlier in this thread - the Avid supplied Falcon and the one from UVI are two separate entities even though they are the same program. So each developer can do with things as they want to like in Avid restricting the usage of their Plugsound soundbank to PT only. That soundbank was developed by Avid or licensed by them for exclusive use in the Avid supplied Falcon. Also UVI has no knowledge of who has the license asset for the Acid supplied Falcon.
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