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Default Re: Best Systems and Components for Win HD/TDM

I'm looking for something comparable to the Allenstein (the system mentioned in the PTLE forum) for those that are using HD.

The Allenstein has the best of breed and certified parts that seem to work well as well as cost effective.
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Onto the system...

As Shan has listed, that is a "mega power" machine, but you might find a limit on the number of HD cards you can fit. If you do not plan on expanding anytime soon (year or so), I would give that one a shot.

If you want a rock solid, proven winner that has decent performance, then hit the first post in this thread; it lists some of the parts for building a single core, single CPU machine that is capable of holding 4 HD cards, possibly 5 (depends on video card used). If you hit the link in my sig, it will lead you to pages I made, and the Hardware->Computer part of the site has a very detailed list and explanation of what I used. You can substitute another case, but the rest is pretty much the defacto industry standard for building an HD computer for average performance.

Please keep in mind: Average performance is quite relative. For someone doing huge sessions with video, and using other Avid products (AV10, mojo, etc), a different approach is required, and I have not updated this post to reflect that yet...soon...

I use my system with a bunch of different synths, and it holds it's own; with 4 HD/Accel cards, I only use the host DSP for virtual instruments (basically). For a single HD card, I would recommend something more powerful, since you will be relying on host power for alot.

There are some threads that list cases people have used. I recommend the one I used for a rackmount solution, or if you hit the Sweetwater site, you can see a full tower that is very common that also works. Others here have listed more, and once again- I need to go through all of this and add it to this thread.
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