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Default Re: AAX (Dsp) & AAX Native (Daw Cpu) ?

Originally Posted by zavid View Post
many thanks to everybody for the info !

Then :

AAX do not mean that if you have HDX card
the plug in work as the old TDM with instance on the dap card
(low digital word data compression) ,

and if Native (no HDX card with dsp)
the same AAX plug in is processed by the Cpu D.a.w. computer
as for the old RTAS , and Vst , AU ..
(with more digital word data compression) ?

but why a 32 bit on today pro tools with 64 bit processing ?
if used with PPC Cpu , Windows XP ,Cubase & co. ?

more thanks for any info about !
There is no digital word data compression going on anywheres.
AAX dsp means if you have an HDX card it gets processed there on the dsp on the card. AAX means it gets processed by the computer's cpu.
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