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Default Re: Protools 10HD upgrade to from 9 is 999.99 ..... WHY

Originally Posted by Carl Lie View Post
including the card your correct but the essence of the post holds true. That most likely by that time a new computer will be as fast as my current system with a card. As well as the fact that in three years PCie may not be around anymore.

You need to take the full post in to get what I'm saying.
Computers are getting faster, but they are also getting more latent, not less, as the focus on energy savings, low heat, no fans and extended battery life take precedent over performance. A multi-core processor will turn itself on and off at various intervals depending on the processing, and there will need to be more latency built into the system to compensate for the interrupts.

Even without that fact, there is no general proc computer that can achieve 4 samples of latency while running hundreds of playback and record tracks at up to 192 samples per second.
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