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Default Re: Is it my imagination...

I'm using a linksys 4 port router with two machines connected (the Mac and an XP box). My cable was recently replaced, it looks to be in excellent shape.

I recently wiped the entire system drive and reloaded Panther (with no classic support since I don't use it). I've heard that kernel panics can be related to hardware incompatibilities such as firewire devices, USB connections, thrid party RAM, etc. I bought my RAM from crucial. I have disconnected all firewire and USB cables (left empty mostly until I connect a video or digital camera). This is a bone stock hardware setup with the exception of the RAM and the additional HD.

I guess you could say I'm stabbing here, but with so many variables, it's difficult to say. My main reason for this guess about the kernel panics is because I experienced a kernel panic in the middle of a PT session within munites of an automatic software update (I've turned that off since then). I started to think that there may be a connection...

Anyway, I'm going to do another session and hit the box a lot harder to see what happens.

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