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Default Is it my imagination...

...or is it possible that a "live" broadband internet connection can cause a kernel panic during a PT session?

I have gone back and forth with local PT experts trying to get my setup to stabilize (G4 867, 640 ram, dual HD -7200's, PTLE6.4cs6). I get kernel panics at random points making it difficult to trust PT for even a single, mono audio track.

I have this gut feeling that the broadband connection is being polled by the cpu occassionally possibly freaking out PT? Sounds weird, I know. I did turn off automatic software update. But I'm at the point of giving up on PT.

Lastnight was my longest, most successful session (One imported stereo track, 4 mono vocal tracks - just over 1:00 minute long). I save regularly out of pure paranoia, but alas, it crashed moments after I forgot to mute the monitors when I record enabled a new vox track (a lovely blast of feedback - ouch).

Anyway, I'm experimenting now with the cat5 disconnected to see how long I can go without a kernel panic.

Anyone else think this is possible?

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