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Default Surround Audio Interfaces

I can NOT get the discreet 5.1 separation I'm looking for from my DA7 desk, which was actually designed with a 5.1 set of tools. So, reluctantly, I am now considering other options.

I'm just starting my research on surround audio interfaces. So many things obvious to you are not obvious to me at this point. All of my monitors (Equator & Mackie) are powered. So I can just connect my monitors to the interface directly, right?

I'll need one that will allow me to switch back and forth between 2 stereo sets and and the 5.1 array instantly.

Other than that, I'd like to know from you guys what I should be looking for and more importantly, what I should be looking to avoid! What do you guys use? What kind of price to feature ratios are available. I'm seeing units at the $2K point and then others at $6K! What do you get for the extra $4K? Any advice on this would be welcomed.
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