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Default Re: 002 compared to Command8

I have a Digi 001 and calling Digi tomorrow to trade in and up (unfortunately , not an HD)
I also am deciding 002R and Command 8 or Digi 002.
I probably will go with the Digi 002factory and a Digital Console. Either Yamaha , Tascam or Spirit so I can mix out of the box and use channel onboard gates/comps /fx along with rtas. I mix often in stems. i also have a Spirit analog console M8 which has a digital out. A REALLY KILLER little console for the money. Sweet EQ , DI's on every chanel , spdif out and the pres are pretty good.

I'm trying to figure out the best way to get the BEST POSSIBLE signalinto and out of the Digi002. Considering Appogee Rosetta , mini me, mini dac , etc

I see that many of you are concerned with talk back.
One of my friends has a killer 1 rack unit , I forget what it is that has talk back , several stereo pairs and was pretty costly , i think around $850.00 and works and sounds great.
I , on the other hand didn't have that much cash so i purchased the Samson C-Control. GREAT LITTLE UNIT !!!!!!
Not as transpaent as my firends but for the miney ....
It gives you several input option and you can switch between 2 sets of powered monitors and turn your sub woofer on or off , also mono , dim , mute and TALKBACK / talk to cue. A REAL HANY LITTLE BOX .... A MUST HAVE FOR ProTools.

see ya
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