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Default Rigging up the C24

Hoping some people on here can help me rig my c24 up to my pro tools HD set up.

At the moment my set up consists of
Command 8
192 with 16 ins 8 outs
Liquid channel
behringer headphone amp

I have DB25 with male XLR ends which i connect my kempers, liquid channel and sansamp out board gear to. The db25 is connected to the 1st lot 8 ins on the 192.

I have another DB25 with female XLR ends connected to the out on the 192 and XLR 1-2 are connected to my HS80 speakers 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 go to my headphone amp.

I also have my macs audio out connected to the external source inputs on the command 8 so i can listen to music/youtube from my mac on my studio speakers.

Recently i just purchased a c24 at a crazy price but im struggling to get my head around connecting it up with what cables ive got and what i need to buy. Ive read the manual many times and the set up pictures in the manual talk about using it with an 003 for stereo or with a 192 but this set up is 5.1 surround. I dont care for 5.1 or using the c24 preamps. I just want to use the monitor section of the c24 and have it act as a workstation for PT. I must also be able to play music from my mac aswell like i do with my command 8

Thank you in advance guys :)
Raoul Crane

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