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Default Windows 7/8 x64 Fast Track mk II USB driver issues

Hello all,

I have a laptop featuring running on an Intel Ivy Bridge i7, 16 gigs of DDR3-1600, an Intel series 500 SSD and some random 750gb 5200 rpm internal hdd drive.

I installed a win7 back in October on it and I had to reinstall recently, because my OS got old and filled up with unnecessary stuff so I decided to go with Win8. Downloaded the most recent drivers for every device, including my Fast Track. I've been having serious issues with it.

Sound randomly started distorting, cracking, until I restarted my PC, or worse, caused a bluescreen. From what I've managed to deduce is that USB3 + the Fast Track drivers are the cause of the issue. I've downgraded to W7 again. No distortions this time, only sound crackling, DPC latency problems, DPC-related bluescreens when plugged into usb3. It is weird, because they happen randomly while using the machine and it is pretty problematic. For example, if I start up an mp3 while, for example running Crysis, sound starts crackling so badly, that I need to shut winamp down. Since this is nowhere near low latency usage, it is a pretty big issue. The internal Realtek works pretty fine, if I switch to it, or the generic windows driver.

As far as I can tell it is not related to any of my Intel/Atheros drivers because I tried every possible combination, including those I've used in October. It is only happening when my interface is plugged in and when the driver is installed. When I use the Microsoft generic driver, it works perfectly well. But then again, if I do that, I am losing ASIO so it is a bit imperative to find a solution. Any ideas, please?

Thank you
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