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Default Help! 99% CPU


I have a problem with my Audiomedia III setup.

When i play something out of Pro Tools LE 5.3.1 it sounds distorted.
The level meters where ok, so i checked the CPU meter.
When i start Pro Tools LE, the CPU meter is on 0 in Pro tools but when i use the Windows task manager the Pro tools LE process takes up steady 93-99% of the CPU.

I knwo the card isnt damaged cause when i play back what i recorded using a media player, it comes out with no distortion.

When i import an audio file into pro tools, at the preview, the distortion is there, but limited, but when i import it and let it play, its heavily dostorted.

Is it the 99% usage thing?How can i fix that?

I have a:
Windows XP Pro
Athlon CPU at 2.4Ghz
512 MB RAM
ASUS A7V333 "VIA KT333"
Audiomedia III card

Thanks in advance.
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