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ReVibe is great, in particular if you like tweaking settings like on a 224 or 480. Needs a lot of DSP though and is Accel only. Good for long reverbs (vocals etc) AND short drum rooms and the like. Quite amazing really. Very easy to manipulate separatly ER and reverb, a bit like on a Waves RenRev but more sophisticated. These are the first ER that I actually like, even if I put only a little of it.
HARDWARE!!! Lexicon's... Think MPX-1 for versatility, spdif (@44.1 or MPX550@48K) no upgrades, no WUPs, no resources, and a company that stands behind their customers (free firmware updates for second hand hardware!!!), ...and an industry leader in reverb. MX200... VST wrapper interface to hardware... $$$? 960L ...AND THAT'S JUST THE REVERB PORTION OF THE BOXES

~okay... off the soapbox with ya~
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