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Default Re: Put in a bunch of hours last night on a session and now it won't open!

Originally Posted by Burstbucker View Post
Yeah I will try moving it to the SSD if nothing else works but I was told before that it's better to have the sound files and PT on separate drives.

Maybe I'll need to invest in another SSD for my sound files?

I was hoping that the 1 TB spinner drive would be good enough.
I'm NOT saying to do this with all your sessions - just the problem one. And move it - don't copy it. That way you won't have the session on the ssd maybe trying to reference the one on the spinner. Remember that this is a test to see where the problem lies.

Sometimes one has to become quite computer literate and take on troubleshooting. Think about it this way - you may well be able to help someone in the future that has or is going through a problem you've had and solved.
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