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Default Sierra 10.10.6 - To COMBO update - or App Store Update ?

Hi Guys .., I have been on Yosemite 10.10.5 .., and likely will stay on it.


As High Sierra is coming out soon, I want to make sure I can still download and install Sierra 10.12.6 if need be and not loose out that option (which will vanish once high sierra is released)

As it's been such a long time for me that I have not done a OS change update ....,

(last time was from Mavericks to Yosemite - which I am still happy with BTW)

What is the best way to update to Sierra (should I decide) ????

- Should I use the Combo Updater 1.98GB

(here; )

- Or should I Update Sierra 10.12.6 (5.01GB) ..., (but pause the download) VIA the App Store ???

Which is the best way guys ? , as I have forgotten what is the difference is between these two downloads.

If and when I do upgrade to sierra 10.10.6 .....,
- I'd prefer to do a fresh clean install to wipe the slate clean and reload everything manually back into my Mac

cheers Guys
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