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Default Re: How to activate my old plugins in PT11?

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
Looking at your hardware you're going to have issues with the current setup. First off you're going to need more ram - 4 gig is NOT enough and 8 gig is a minimum. The 13" screen model has a max of 16 gig and the 15" and 17" models have a max of 8 gig. NEVER buy ram from Apple - always go 3rd party like from OWC. Also you're going to need a second hard drive for PT to record to. Working off the system drive is a bad thing and will lead to problems.

I will need a winning lottery ticket here!!! So far it's all about spending and no one penny has ever come in...

musicman691, I much appreciated your help and time!
Although, by the look of things seems easier to drop PT forever and get to grip with a different DAW...

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