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Default Re: Artist Series vs C|24

Originally Posted by Venture Studios View Post
... I have 2 MC mixes and an MC Control. They always load up in the wrong order and I have to go into eucontrol and fix it...
Have you tried going into the EUControl settings/Surfaces and name the them

1. MC Mix 1
2. MC Mix 2
3. MC Control

I still only have 1 MC Mix + 1 MC Control, but that way it seems that I get the first 8 tracks on the MC Mix and the following 4 tracks on the MC Control and can bank them 4 tracks at the time...

(I posted this in another thread but somehow it works better if you change the order - strange...)

Bill - if you with audio productions only mean working in Pro Tools, it's one thing, but if you mean going back and forth between Pro Tools, Reason, Kontakt and even Logic - Euphonix will follow your moves and the C24 wont. Application awareness was my main reason for going MC Artist Line and it works togehter with my Digi002 in Pro Tools and goes on on its own in the other applications and that's just wild... (The building quality is not really what you are used to and thera are still some driver issues that has to be ironed out, like waking up after you've closed you MBP)
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