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Default Re: Artist Series vs C|24

I switched over from the Control 24 to the C24 then to the artist series so ive worked a lot on all of them. I really was hoping to love the artist series. There is so much potential there. The big problem is they're still very buggy. I have 2 MC mixes and an MC Control. They always load up in the wrong order and I have to go into eucontrol and fix it. the Eucon support in Pro Tools is weak at best so far. The plugin control is far from where it could be. Also the touchscreen is almost unusable. In this day and age with iphones and ipads the touch screen feels archaic. Though I love the customizable soft keys on the euphonix, that by itself is what sold me on them.

All in all I felt the C24 to feel like a more stable, expensive board. It feels like its made better and things are incorporated into Pro Tools much better. The selling point to me on the Euphonix is the price. Its much cheaper. Also the soft keys are a big plus and the hope that they further update it to reach its full potential.
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