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Default audio waveform editing

Hope someone can help me out on this,

Here is the case:
I have a guitar track that is a little bit of beat... for example i have one beat that should hit on bar 16 but instead it hits on something like 15.3.800.. so im trying to make the beat before that one longer so the culprit land on time... I've been going at it for like 6 hours and i still can get it correctly done... here is what i have tried:

1. I've taken the previous beat and copy-pasted the last part of it so it "pushes" the beat forward, but i get this audible "click" tht i can't get out with fading.

2. I've used the "Insert time" option so that it sets the off sync beat in 16.. and then trimmed the part back so it units with the left part of the cut.. but i still get this "pop"...

3. Change the tempo of the song at that part so it land on time, but, by god, that dosn't work either.

Isn't there an easier and simpler way to do this.. like stretching a region selection or something so that it can be made longer or shorter...

My girlfriend is starting to call me a wus because i can't get this done... she says that all do she has never used PT in all her life, she could fix it in five minutes!!.. someone please help me out so I don't have to take that kind of abuse from that woman!!!
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