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Default Problem with Focusrite and Pro Tools 12.6

Hey guys, so I'm trying to re-import some drum tracks to a new session that I did on Pro Tools 8 a few years ago and for some reason Pro Tools 12.6 just doesn't want to play them back.

I have a brand new session, my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is set at 44.1k and 64k buffer and so is Pro Tools. The Focusrite is also my playback engine and it works on every other session that I have.

It gives the error that says "Pro Tools failed to initialize Focusrite USB...please make sure this device has been configured correctly"

I dumped them into Reaper and they play back just fine, I just don't want to have to set up Reaper exactly like I have Pro Tools set up JUST for this session.

Anybody ever run into something like this?
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