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Default PT Video Satellite Link and AMC

I am running Avid Media Composer 5.5.3 Mojo DX on OSX 10.6.8 that is linked via Video Satellite to a rig running Pro tools 10.3.3, HDX 1 on a OSX 10.8.2 for a Dial dubber. Which is then linked via Video Satellite Link to two other Pro tools rigs: a Pro tools 10.3.3 HDX 2 on a Mac Pro for a Spfx dubber and a Pro tools 10.3.3 HDX 1 on a Mac Pro for a music dubber. Probably 4 times a day I get a dialogue box on the Media Composer rig that only one Pro tools machine can be a controller. After I press enter to confirm the notification everything is fine.

Under my Dial Dubber's Satellite peripherals settings I made the Dial Dubber the Video Satellite Admin followed by my Spfx dubber as a Satellite Link, followed by my Music dubber as a Satellite link followed by Media Composer.

Anyone have any idea why this occurs?
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