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Exclamation Serious problem! piano sustain pedal controls tap tempo through midi!

Hi all!!

I'm having a serious problem..

I'm playing live at a conference with my 11R. Pc connected, Piano connected through MIDi, controlling VI's in PT. All works like a charm, accept for the MIDI sustain pedal of the piano messing up my (tap) tempo of my delays..

Been searching in the settings and did a search here, but couldn't find anything..

I hope some of you guys have ideas and can help me out..!

Yours truly,

Every time I see ur name "Gvees", I don't know why but I always start singin, "I-I-I-I-Stayin Alive, Stayin Alive: I-I-I-I-Stayin Aliiiiiveeeeee-Iiiiveeee-Iiiivvveeee-Iiivveeeee"
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