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Default Re: Anyone using Soundcraft M series?

I basically use the preamps in the M-12 and then into the RME and into the 001 via optical.

I've never used the M-12 for summing - I just haven't done much experimenting with it. I know nothing about the apogee stuff either. I like M-12 because of the preamps, for one, but also because it's a good live mixer.

I have come up with a good combination (I think) with the RME and the M-12. So I concentrate more on the music now. I could drive myself nuts trying to think of what might be better, but I'd rather spend my energy on the music. I think creativity is a right-brained activity, and thinking about equipment is a left-brained activity. For a long time, I kept thinking of what would be my next purchase, and I wasn't creating. So once I got my rig where I wanted, I told the purchase agent in my mind to take a hike.

That's not to say that improving one's recording environment is bad. And I applaud you for being curious about experimenting. It's just once I bought the RME to convert the sound coming from the M-12, I felt I had the quality I was looking for. You know what I mean?

Anyway, if I experiment with the converters in the M-12 via S/PDIF, I'll let you know.

Good luck to you!

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