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Default Re: Magma Expansion Chassis P7R4, PCIHIF68 Host compatible with Protools Mix, G4, OS9

Until the current 8-slot Mac Pro was released, I believe the old 9600s had the highest number of expansion slots of any Mac. They were rare 15-20 years ago, probably nearly impossible to find now.

I ran many configurations of mix systems back in the day and when you start adding lots of cards the bottleneck ends up being TDM time slots. 4-5 mix cards is really all you need, unless you want to max your io to 64 and can’t find enough of the digilink Y cables that allow 16 io per card.

I had a 10 node TDM cable with the 13 slot chassis, and for me the most effective use of it back then was 3 mix cards with 7 samplecell tdm cards. Obviously with today’s crazy fast computers the need for a pci card with a dedicated cpu for samples and only 32mb of ram has come and gone... but it was really cool back then.
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