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Default HDX1 Pro Tools 10 and video/screen issues

Our Set up:
Early 2009 Mac Pro 2x2.66 Quad Core intel Xeon
Mac OS 10.8.5
48 Gig of Ram
Graphics - NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 512MB
27" Apple Monitor
Pro Tools 10.3.6
AVID 16x16
Digidesign 192
Euphonix MC Control & Mix

The Issues: We have been running this set up for about a year now and it works for the most part. When we do just audio we have no issues right off the bat.
But it slowly gets slower - by slower I mean that the screen does not keep up with Pro tools. All of our tracks play back fine but the screen is off.

You can see this primarily in the Meters. They begin to lag and get slower. After that there is a delay on start then.

To Make it worse: two actions will always make this worse. The First is to run Melodyne. It just seems to make it slower

Secondly, it gets worse if you open the midi window - that will make it go to a crawl.

Its seems I have read most everything on the forum through searches. But I may have missed something.

Any Ideas as to what could be the cause?

It feels like it is the video card but It doesnt do this in any other programs at all.


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