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Default Re: Reason 11 is Coming

Originally Posted by DetroitT View Post
R11 is now a standalone app. It also installs a VST3 plugin for the "Reason rack".
using MB7 the VST3 comes in plan after asking for authorization. i.e. not go in ProTools this way.

The App lets you choose "Demo" but the plug in does not.

OK. So this is where the confusion came from.

Youíve mentioned Reason 11 is now a standalone app. Itís ALWAYS been a standalone app. Like Pro Tools. The new thing with v11 is the rack in VST plugin form. When you say standalone, it makes it sound as if thereís a third option.

Now as to the demo not working within Patchwork, if so, thatís a bummer. If I get a chance over the weekend, Iíll try and load the demo and see if it does the same thing in Patchwork.

Might be worth sending an email to PH/Reason Studios and maybe even Blue Cat. They might be able to shed some light on the issue. Iíve never tried loading a demo plugin within Patchwork. Perhaps itís a limitation? Not sure.

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