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Default Validation Key issue

Hey! I've got a Mbox 2 + pro tools le 8 off of my teachers when i back when i studied. it was a physical copy of pro tools and it worked great for my old comp.

Now i got a new laptop and tried to install pro tools on it, tho i do not have a DVD/CD driver, so i can not install it via the disk. So i browsed the forums here and someone linked a digital copy of pro tools le 8.
I installed it and everything seems like it works properly but now it's asking me for a validation code.
I have no memory of having to use a validation key when installing it with the cd, but that might just be my memory failing me, anyway, i can't seem to find this validation key, it said it was supposed to start with digi0800 something - on the avid site, but i've searched through the mbox-box and also the cd-case/wallet but find nothing.
Is it possible to get a digital version of the validation key by giving up the SN on the casing or something?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
- John
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