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Default Re: Question about Pro Tools 11 HD (And Not Upgrading to pt12 until later)

Originally Posted by roberts View Post
They can't do that to HD hardware owners that would be the death nail to ANYONE buying Avid - nobody would even buy Avid hardware ever again.
From what I was told nothing is changing for HD owners.But then Avid Avid's messages is messed up these days - sounds like the guy at the top is clueless to me.
Unfortunately, the current policy states that HD owners owe 599 a year or no updates upgrades.

This was the very reason myself and several other of my peers will not be buying AVID hardware.

So, it is already happening. People aren't buying their hardware. I've allocated that expeniture this year to other things, possibly even a RAVEN as I'm not confident in the Artist series anymore either.

AVID kind of screwed this up big time with the user base
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