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Default Re: Dolby Atmos Production Suite 5.1 Room setup problem

Originally Posted by BScout View Post
Since this is prepping and you'll have a final room with a different setup, just thinking out loud, why not set up the Renderer as a 7.1 room? Then just have your physical surrounds set to route from the Lsr/Rsr.
Where this goes next will have an approved layout so your prep work should be more useful this way. (since I haven't tried it, I'm sure I'm not imagining what problem will crop up)
Smart. I tried that, but what you get is a dip on the side as the object passes through a non-addressed space.

I am new to ATMOS, but I am preparing ATMOS mix in a 7.1 room. If I purchase the Dolby atmos production suite, can I still do an ATMOS mix (object panning)within 7.1 downmix mode? I only have one Macpro with 2HDX system, and one 192 I/O with CP750, is that enough for Dolby atmos production suite? I will finish the whole mix in a standard ATMOS room later on, the project is for movie release.
Yes. But you won't be able to properly hear the height channels. Buy DAPS. It's cheap and very useful. You will need to eventually add height speakers (and probably an immersive monitor controller) to your setup.

I run into this problem. The new PT I/O can have subpaths for the main outputs as well as the busses. I create a 5.1 subpath from the main 7.1, but I switch the Ls/Rs under the Lrs/Rrs. Does the trick for me
Cool solution. Unrelated to routing, how did you get timecode flowing from Pro Tools to DAPS in Dolby Audio Bridge mode?
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