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Default Re: Unable to link Avid Master Account with iLok account "Failed to access the User I

Originally Posted by ptuser22 View Post
I am getting the following error
Failed to access the User ID. Please try again.

I can sign in on and the ILM no problem - but can't link my ilok account to my Avid Account. Thus I am unable to register my Pro Tools license.
Not sure why this is so difficult Register this confirm address confirm email .....
lots of steps to even get Pro tools up and running.....
Originally Posted by ptuser22 View Post
I also started a registration support case - but got no help back just a generic email to make a post here ....
Found your case - there's an auto-reply that's sent to let you know the case got logged and it provides some info. An agent should be handling this soon, though you didn't include your iLok User ID in your description and I couldn't find an account based on your email address. Can you please reply to the email you got and put your iLok User ID at the top of the email? Please include any email address you would have registered your LE software to as well. Thanks!
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