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Default Re: Automation AppleScripts for Pro Tools 11 (Mac)

Originally Posted by semeir View Post
Thanks, man. This is marvelous, working like a charm with Keyboard Maestro!
Do you know any script that can reach the automation section, like toggling between automation modes (latch, touch etc...)?
This can be done, I actually have written such a script but the functionality is limited as it only works for one specific track at a time and its name has to be known, else you would need one script per track you want to toggle the automation state for. The reason for this is that AppleScript cannot read which track is currently selected/highlighted.

In case you only want to automate a few tracks and their names do not change it would work like this:
Say you only want to toggle the automation states for the 4 bus tracks in your session, you then would need 4 scripts.
One each for tracks Bus 1, Bus 2, Bus 3, Bus 4. Its sums up, the more tracks you want to automate the more scripts you need, not very practical I’d say.

A workaround to make it functional for any track in your session:
Have a script that asks you for the name of the track you want to automate. A dialog would pop up asking you for the name of the track, you then enter the name, press “Continue” and the script would go on and change the automation state for that track.
But thats not very practical, is it?

My current script works for one specific track whose name doesn't change and I have 4 script versions for the modes off, read, touch and write. Its no toggle really but that shouldn't be an issue.

Originally Posted by semeir View Post
Thanks anyway, the transpose set just made my day!
You're welcome.
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