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Default Re: Windows 7 vs. Windows XP - PT 8 compatibility and performance.

If you'd like to upgrade to Win 7 and PT 8.0.4, my advise would be to play with the new install of Win 7 for several days before you install PT. I started experiencing bluescreens, crashes, sluggishness, and reboots after installing Windows. Had I installed PT I would have blamed it all on Digi. But turns out
Windows didn't necessarily install the best drivers for my puter I went back and manually installed several myself. Since doing so I installed PT and 8.0.4 has had no incidents on this 2 1/2 year old AMD, I'd have to say the 64 bit is actually noticeably quicker.

Oh and before I forget, grab an old drive and clone your system before you do anything!
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