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Default Re: Can we get track icons to help colorblind users like me?

Just realized you're new to this forum, your first post. Quickly got in to edit my post to add:

Hi and welcome to this forum!
By my post below, I really didn't mean to try and scare you off. My bad!
Got a tip for you: There's a site where you can add ideas and vote for yours and others. Its called 'ideascale'. Google it and add your ideas by all means.
Again, sorry for being quite hard on you and your first post.

Original post:
As much as I like for Pro Tools being available to as many people as possible, with disabilities or not, my main hope is for Avid to work on fixing bugs, speeding things up and make existing workflows become more efficient - before working on implementing even more features. That would make me really _want_ to renew my plan.

Perhaps using a single or double capital letter as a lone initial to the track name would suffice?

1 "DR Bass drum 1m"
2 "DR Snare 1m"
3 "DR Snare 2m"
4 "DR OH 1s"
5 "DR HH 1m"
6 "BA Bass line 1m"
7 "BA Bass mic 1m"


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