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Default Pro Tools doesn't open a project

Hi !

I just recently joined the forums even though I have been using PT11 for about an year now. It is an awesome product I must say but like all awesome products they have also awesome bugs and problems.

I'm a pc user with 64bit windows 7 ultimate as my operating system. I have 16 Gigabytes or ram installed and nvidia Gforce GT750 as my video card with 2 g's ram. My processor is AMD Phenom II x4 640T that clocks around 3,0 Gig's.

In all aspects my hardware should be more that cabable in running PT11 and it has been in past. Lately thought, the program has started to give me grief. It doesn't open projects anymore.

This is how it occurs:

I start pro tools, and it loads all VST's and everything fine, and opens up the quick menu for stating, continuing a project. This is where it stops. I load a project, and nothing. It just continues showing me the Pro Tools Windows but doesn't load any tracks, effects, anything at all. I have restarted the program, rebooted, but still this same thing occurs. Perhaps the only way is to install the whole program again but I would do anything so I wouldn't have to go there.
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