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Default Re: 6031 error

I hope you guys get this all sorted, I've been lucky so far, not getting any problems with 8.0.1.

Just a thought for Digi - how about some proper release notes!!!!

Seems to me that it would be beneficial to us users if a change like this was pointed out in advance. I know it's an under-the-hood kind of change, but an awful lot of people on here are under-the-hood kind of guys, lot of custom built PCs etc etc... So maybe if you'd said 'hey guys were now checking for dodgy driver interrupts... you need to run this utility to check out how fit your system is for real-time processing' then you could have avoided the pain and woe caused to the guys who are now suffering as a result....

Just a thought. I write software for a living, and we tend to tell our users what we are changing, and let them know what to look out for if things go wrong...

Good luck guys!!
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