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Default Re: Pro Tools SE Microphone

Pro Tools SE is restricted/licensed to certain interface devices, it will not work with other devices.

And its old and crippled software. Pro Tools First is at least new and crippled software, but you can use it with any interface. Pro Tools First is "Free" but has other serious limitations starring with it is not compatible with sessions from other versions of Pro Tools and can't use plugins not purchased from the Avid online store. Make sure your computer meets all systems requirements if you are using Pro Tools First. There are also many good low cost DAWs out there, Reaper, Studio One, etc. My personal bias would be to get a full copy or Pro Tools.

You also need an interface to connect a Microphone to, avoid buying more USB type microphones they are usually a waste of time, especially if you want to record multiple sources at once.

If you describe what you want do, what you are recording for what etc. how many simultaneous inputs etc. and an idea of your budget people here can make recommendations for interfaced and microphones.
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