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Default Scarlett 18i20 2nd | Promblems | Fixes

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the Scatlett 18i20 2nd gen, however I must warn you there are asio related problems in PT 12 but after extensive hands on for many hours yesterday I managed to overcome with the following method.
Software Is Currently In Alpha:
1. There are 2 USB drivers, one will lock your buffer at 128, the other file focusriteusbinstaller_1.exe will work.
2. You must ask Focusrite for the ALPHA Focus Control version Focusrite Control-
3. Set up your ins / outs in Focus Control, click device settings and ensure the sample rate matches the session you are about to start in pro tools, also take note that the USB is locked and in sync shown with a green light.
4. Before using the unit, power down the PC, turn the 18i20 on, power up pc
5. Right click the Focus Control and run as administrator
6. Load up your Pro Tools Session, go to IO settings and default them
7. If you have no sound, do not close session, go to the buffer in pro tools, if your using 512, change it to a lower or higher rate then back again to 512 or the buffer you had for your session.
8. If you receive an ASIO error, this device is not configured or set up properly error then it is most likely caused by you not powering the unit on first before powering up the pc and using focus control with admin rights.
9. The Asio errors seem random, you may get them even after following the guide I created above, however for me the unit worked 8 times out of 10 following the steps above.

Good Luck
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