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Default Eleven Rack - Automated Rig Change w/MIDI (Video)

One of the questions that has been brought up a lot through the years is "How do I have Pro Tools switch Rigs on the Eleven Rack" and I've never done a video on it, until now.

In this video I'll show you how to setup a MIDI track in Pro Tools to send Program Change messages to the Eleven Rack and have those messages switch your Rigs/Presets for you. Don't worry, it's pretty easy, no technical MIDI programming or anything.

Eleven Rack - Automated Rig Change

and a Blog post about it

Using this method, you can have a MIDI track programmed with all your rig changes and you can focus on playing, not switching rigs at just the right time. Enjoy, enjoyers.

And in case you missed it, don't forget to grab the 253 Eleven MKII Presets remade for the Eleven Rack
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