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Default Cancelled Perpetual Licence for Crossgrade

So im guessing I'm one of all the people feeling fooled by the perpetual licence "cancelled". I bought the "Pro Tools Crossgrade" a year ago with my only expectation to get updates for a year and then continue on with my perpetual licence. I paid around 130 $ for the "upgrade" licence. But before that I paid for the full PT 10 licence back in the days, and then a crossgrade to 12. So I have invested a lot of money and time in Pro Tools. And I get it, i have agreed somehow to cancelling the perpetual licence... but WHO would do something like that, paying in total around 700$ for licences just to have it cancelled for a upgrade plan. And in times like these, with corona. Money is at worst for producers. I have always loved PT, always tried to get people who is about to start with DAW's choosing PT. But with this coming at me... I dont know. I want to say "Im gonna go with another DAW"... But, It's so much time invested in Pro Tools. So many years of .ptx sessions saved. But I really consider it, I really do.

I contacted Avid Customer Care and they replied "To continue using the product, you'll need to purchase a new perpetual license...".

Is there anything i could do? I work almost for free these days and cant afford a perpetual licence. Im at a really low state and this could be devastating for my producing career. Especially in times like these.

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