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Default Re: 002r and hearback system

This is what I do:

Digi 002 > Hearback ADAT Inputs

Digi 002 ADAT Outs routed as follows:

ADAT Outs 1-2 = Full Band Cue Mix

ADAT Out 3 = Bass Guitar

ADAT Out 4 = Gtr, Steel, Fiddle, or mono keys

ADAT Outs 5-6 = Keys or A Gtrs(If there are no keys during tracking I send A gtrs to ADAT 5-6 so that I can pan them Left/Right if the guitarist doubles his parts)

ADAT Out 7 = Scratch Vox

ADAT Out 8 = Click and Talkback mics. (On some sessions there are footswitchable talkback mics for each player that doesn't have a mic in his/her immediate proximity).

I display Sends E and Sends J. Sends J is used for the Full Band Cue Mix and Send E is used for the More Me Mixes. BTW, I bus all of my drum tracks to a stereo aux and then sendthe drums to the cue mixes from the aux. This way I know what the drum mix sounds like to the players. If there a drastic differences in dynamics from song to song I just have to push one send up/down or adjust the grouped drum kit faders up/down to control the level of the drums to the cues.

I'm not sure about the Low Latency Mode issue. If you find out maybe you can let us know. I won't be in front of a Digi 002 for a week.
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