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Default Re: LOW LATENCY, HIGH CPU USAGE Mbox setup.. a MYTH?

Originally Posted by ataraxia View Post
I have uninstalled PT8 and am now running PT 7.4.2 with the cs2 patch

its still just as unstable

its also doing a thing now where it will pause my mouse moving for about 1-2 seconds and then do a tiny pop and resume working....


i have lost so much time trying to work out how to make it stable...
Did you try my suggestion?

You also say you did ALL the optimizations - can you tell us specifically which ones? I ask that because, very often, people say they did all of them, but on further investigation we find that they missed one or two - and those turn out to be the ones that cure the problem.

Also, knowing more about your system would help us diagnose it. See the Help Us Help You thread for details on what we need to know...
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