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Default Re: Digi 002 Rack in stand alone

Originally Posted by darkgoob View Post
Yes, actually you can use the 002 Rack over ADAT only. You can have it send its analog ins 1-8 out real time over ADAT Out. Then connect the ADAT out to the ADAT in of another interface for 8 extra inputs! I just bought an 002 rack for $200 to do this purely. For $200 it's decent 24-bit, 44khz inputs. If you don't need more than 44khz this is fine.
You might have purchased a 002 Rack to do this, but I'd be fascinated if you actually have it working.

The 002 console has a stand alone mode where this is possible. The 002 rack does not. So how exactly are you doing this? How exactly do you tell a 002 to send its analog outputs out the ADAT without it running as a Pro Tools interface.

There are lots of other ADAT preamps out there that are options for doing what the original poster wanted.

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