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Default Re: Pedal to the Metal

i was darryls "R&D department for a time (he still doesnt know i switched so please dont snitch me out).
we had developed a longer footboard that ws 2" longer and for the long board , it moved the sweetspot back 2" for heel toe playing ,that was pretty cool , also we shaved a corner off the column because it tends to get in the way a bit when wearing shoes (of course that all depends on how a person plays).

we also had ideas about placing the set screws and using either one size for all and switching to the square screws for more user friendly adjustments.

even had ideas about making the beaters easier to adjust and also changed the design of the clamp to the bass drum.

all great ideas that will never go to market because its not cost effective
they would have to make too many changes to the whole system of the machine shop.
it was great working with darryl,a really really super cool guy.
don't tell him because i still get velcro from him for my pedals as the ones trick supplies really sux.
you think i feel guilty....hell yeah, every time i go to the factory and ask for more velcro.
by the way i can't stand my trick pedals bass drum clamp.
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