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Default Re: Fine breakpoint adjustment change in 12.6 = Showstopper

No problem, guys. Thanks for your patience while we change it back.

Any additional comments on the following?
"We can also make it so that Command (Control) will allow for unconstrained, fine adjustment in Grid mode. Essentially, whether you are in Slip or Grid mode, adjusting breakpoints with Command (Control) will do the same thing. This would be a change from existing behavior where Command (Control) suppresses Grid and Shift must be held to get fine adjustment, but constrains vertically. What is lost here is the ability to suppress the Grid while adjusting breakpoints in non-fine mode. Is this change something you would like?"

This seems like an improvement, but I want to know if there are strong objections to this.

@The Weed, we're already aware of that batch fade issue. Thanks.
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