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Default Re: How to connect artist mix series to studio one 2

Originally Posted by shamanrock View Post
Yes I know HUI is not as good as EUCON. But for my needs I just want to be able to use my faders and pans for mixing. So when I get this working with studio one 2, I'm good...

I'm a bit surprised Presonus has not got on board with EUCON for clients like me.

I've been using artist mix series for over 6 months with pro tools no prob. But thank you.
Folks complain at Presonus about Eucon support, but I suspect they see Avid as a competitor, and it would not surprise me that at some time Presonus see themselves doing a serious DAW control surface or adding control surface functionality into their live mixers etc. And since Avid won't license Eucontrol to other surface manufacturers then why support it in your own DAW software. Or that at least is my conspiracy theory. That and Eucontol is likely just an engineering mess and customer support nightmare for a vendor for very little return.

This is what I don't understand... If you have been the Artist series OK, then you must have used the Eucon control panel... which seems to be what you are confused about finding to setup up HUI.

When you post problem reports here it helps a lot if you give everybody a clue what your are running on, OS, software versions etc.
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